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CIncinnati, Ohio

Veg Tan/Oak Crescent Woodie


Meet your favorite new accessory & wardrobe essential!

This bag is so special. I wanted to create a leather bag that incorporated a wooden handle. With a general idea in mind, Colin, a local skilled woodworker, helped me nail down the size & measurements to bring this to life and fit freely on the wrist. It was important to have one's hand fit comfortably through the handle. 

handcrafted leather crescent with wooden handles
oak handles designed and handmade in Cincinnati
3/4 oz. veg tan leather with tonal stitching
roughly 12" across, 13" top to bottom, 2.75" handle opening

minimal interior- no lining, fits the Caro, Pouch, Essential Pouch and Slouchie easily.

Vegetable tanned leather will create a lovely patina when exposed to elements like sun & water (oils too!). It will continually darken and age as time and life are experienced. Each veg tan bag will take on a personality of its own and can be conditioned to improve longevity. There is a photo of a veg tan scrap in its original form vs. a veg tan scrap that has been exposed to the sun for two weeks!

Wrist fits and swings easily in this statement piece. Limited run available & will ship within 2 weeks of purchase.

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