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August Recap

August Recap

I finally took a vacation at the end of August and it was pure bliss! I don't think there's anything better than sitting on a beach for a week, enjoying the hot sun and fresh lake michigan water during the day, then cool evenings wearing a sweater and shorts watching the sunset. My grandpa has owned a cottage in West Olive, Michigan my entire life and we make an effort to spend a week there every summer. It is the highlight of the summer and it nearly killed me to wait 'til the end of August to enjoy it this year. Being from Grand Rapids, it is a quick 45 minute drive and most of my favorite childhood memories were spent at this cottage/beach. It's a special place!

Before we hit up the beach, we ventured to St.Louis for the Evolution Music Festival where we got to watch Carriers, a local Cincinnati band, play, along with my favorite Ben Harper and Brandi Carlile. St.Louis is so cool- wish we could've explored more. We found the coolest piece of art for lil baby's room by Artist Luis Romero. My rule of thumb for buying art is to not hesitate if you like something. You'll find a place for it. We celebrated my birthday in St. Louis with some best buds and you bet I had my Party Bucket and Lawn Party Beads with me!
On what to expect in upcoming months from Baqette:
I am getting closer to the birth of my baby and have 9ish weeks left before her arrival (!!! eeeek!!!). Prepping for a first baby and prepping my other first baby (Baqette) for the Holiday season has been daunting and mentally draining, but we're doing it. Doing my best to plan, but truly clueless on how it's all going to work out. Any small business owners/artists have this experience and want to share tips? I'm all ears! I am planning on taking a solid maternity leave starting early November, and cheering on the sidelines with my new sidekick as the holidays rush on.
In order to make all this work, i've hired a few new part-time professional sewists and have hired someone to also work my Holiday Markets- or any market from here on out! We are excited to bring so many new pieces to the website and will be shipping through the Holiday season. I haven't quite figured out the cadence of drops, but will be sure to let you know. We will not be restocking through the holiday season, so don't hesitate if you have your eye on something 👀. Check out the "Come Shop" page to see where you'll be able to find Baqette, as well as our updated Stockist page. We're working to get Baqette in local spots near you!
The website is undergoing a ✨ glow up ✨. We are working to create an easier and more interesting shopping experience for you! Everything is still up there, navigation just might be a tad tricky while we work it out. 
We are also working on a very cool project with Sew Valley, and can't wait to share more, but it involves organzaaaaa! 
Lawn Party is working on a beaded handle restock, and I'm working on a slew of new Party Buckets for you. They will be available Early October!
Lastly, if you are interested in wholesale for the holidays, please reach out immediately so we can get you product before November :)
That's all for now, thanks for being here!


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