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Julia Lipovsky x BAQETTE Collab

Julia Lipovsky x BAQETTE Collab


In my latest collab, I asked the talented @julipovsky to freestyle paint on an upcycled leather hide. The painted hide was thoughtfully cut and assembled into 6 different products and it looks amaaaazing. You can shop the products here.

Continue reading to learn more about the collaboration and what inspires Julia. You can view Julia's work here.


What initially inspired you to become an artist, and how did you develop your unique style?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think of myself as an artist. I was a really sensitive and shy child in a busy house with a lot of siblings. Drawing and coloring gave me space to explore my own world and I never grew out of the urge to create.

I’m lucky that my family observed this and always encouraged me — they’re still my biggest fans! I think a lot of the feminine energy in my work comes from growing up with four sisters and my early love of drawing people and flowers. 

Can you share your creative process behind the artwork you created for our collaboration? What were your main sources of inspiration?

I feel like our collaboration is a celebration of spring magic, but also a way to dive into the “greatest hits” of symbols and imagery I’ve used over the last few years. Working with the large scale of the hide while being mindful of the size of the finished product lended itself to repetition and pattern — which I felt was also a fun nod to the luxury handbags I grew up seeing in fashion magazines.

I filled one section with little faces, reminiscent of a jewelry project I’ve had on and off since 2016 called “Cladies.” Those were fun to include, as that project was really my entry point to the Cincinnati creative community.

It was so fun working with Quinn, who has a great eye for color. She selected the gorgeous blue leather, which helped inform the minty green and pink for the illustrations. 

How do you feel your artistic vision aligns with the craftsmanship and design philosophy behind my handmade leather bags?

Baqette is one of my favorite local businesses, but it’s mission and quality reach far beyond Cincinnati. At it’s core, it’s a woman with a dream using what she has to make something beautiful. That resonates with me.

How does collaborating with other artists or designers like me influence your own artistic journey and creative growth?

Collaborating is essential for growth and new ideas. I love and crave my own alone time to cycle through ideas and get lost in my process, but when I collaborate, I get to own my ideas and processes and share them with someone else who has their own way of working. Both parties get to share their work, listen for common threads, follow new inspiration, and make a course of action.

And when you’re both invested, you feel like you always have a cheerleader. You also lose a little control which, in my mind, is a key ingredient to making art. When I feel surprised by something I’ve had a hand in, I can feel the walls of my creativity expand.

What message or emotions do you hope to convey through your artwork in this collaboration? How do you think it complements the essence of my handmade leather bags?

I’m a sensual person and love beautiful, tactile objects and items that bring me confidence and nourishment: well worn leather, soft clothing, ceramic dishes, juicy stone fruit, earthy fragrances, bold jewelry, etc etc etc.

Who is on your list for a DREAM collaboration?

Currently, a handful of my dream collaborators are East Fork Pottery, ARQ underwear, Diptyque, and local babe Sidney Cherie Hilley. Also, a wildcard DREAM project for the future would be to creative direct a ballet, or some other dance performance, and have a hand in the costumes, stage design, everything. 

What advice do you have for other artists, creatives , human beings when it comes to pursuing your art?

My best advice for creative people is pretty simple and direct: if you want to be an artist, you have to make art. Find ways you like to work and put yourself in situations that are conducive to doing so. Align yourself with people who inspire you, trust that you already have what you need, and just keep going.


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