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Keep Going, A Poem By Alex

Keep Going, A Poem By Alex

      A Poem by Alex McIlhargey, Brother to Quinn

If one would see all things as dull,
They might as well be blind, 
For overwrought with wonder—sprung—
The tensioned world unwinds.


We who see, then, owe to them 
    Whose vision like a curtain drawn
    Cannot surpass its avenue
Color uncontained—
Lifeblood like a cherry crushed
Gushing through its veins. 


This is a call to arms and tongues
To claim the vulgar things 
As holy— not benign— to dress the known
In neon light that sings.


For if the sewers’ thread won’t weave
If authors eat their words— don’t speak—
The searing forge consigned will be 
To tepid deliberation.


Press on, for lovely are the feet
Of those who bring good news;
Call out the beauty deep down things
The anxious world eschews.

*Cover Art*
Collage by Harrison McIlhargey, brother to Quinn


Wendy Hill

What lovely bags abs what a lovely poem. Happy Easter!

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