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One of my favorite seasons is here: Porch Season! And there's nothing better than enjoying a chilled natural wine while rocking on the porch at the end of a long day.
Dan Souder, of the new Cincinnati Iris Read Wine Shop & Bar & longtime favorite Pleasantry, provided us with some tasty recommendations that go down easy, on the porch ;) 
Michael Gindl "Flora". Wienvertel, Austria. $25
"Slight skin contact gives a subtle mouthfeel to this aromatic explosion of a white. A joy to drink, and it's called Flora; could it be more spring?"

Davide Xodo "Nina". Veneto, Italy. $28
"Orange wine (white fermented on its skins) from Northeastern Italy. If you were sipping some tea after a hard spring rain, this would be the result."
Ruth Lewandowski Rose. Mendocino, CA. $30
"One of the first roses released every spring, and always the first to sell out. It's textural, bright, fun, yet complex. Yes, I have a thing for Ruth Lewandowski!"
Vinas Mora "Barbba". Primosten, Croatia. $28
"Croatia? Yep, Croatia. Admittedly, the country's wines & geography are new to me. But when I taste something like this, I know it'll be in a steady rotation for the foreseeable future. Soft on the palate with flavors reminiscent of a strawberry fruit rollup; fill up the glass, make sure the wine is extra chilled, and sip...or gulp!"
De Levende "Cuvee Marty". Sonoma, CA. $30
"We're all told as kids "Don't judge a book by its cover." That doesn't apply here; this is the GOAT wine label. And yeah, the wine is eminently drinkable, too."
Like what you see? Go visit our friends at Iris Read Natural Wine Shop + Bar in the heart of Walnut Hills. Enjoy a glass there & bring a bottle back to your porch (or your friend's porch! or my porch!) in the Picnic Tote .
Hours: W/Th 2p-7p and Fr/Sat 1p-10p.
xoxo, quinn


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